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Newcastle City Heliport is

'Open Just Make Contact'

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Pilots - You are not allowed to over fly the Northern, Western or Eastern boundaries of the heliport. All arrivals and departures are to and from the river via the southern heliport boundary, see example. We want you to respect our neighbours. This is a city centre heliport, we exist within the community. Failure to observe these simple rules may result in future PPO being withheld.

His Masters Voice ?

Cancelation after booking in, including no shows or  weather diversions. 

With 24 hrs notice you can cancel any booking  free of charge. Notice by any means counts.  Less than 24 hrs notice such as on the day attacts a half landing fee -No matter the reason for cancellation, be it mechanical, weather, a diversion anything at all. So less than 24 hrs notice and its half landing fee. 

To land you will need to book in, and revue the rules page. You will need a credit card. Fees may include :- a landing fee, a parking fee, an out of hours fee or waiting time fee. Jet A1 is available and on sale. Normal hours are 0900 until 1700.  Out of hours charge is £270.00 all twin landing fees are £270

Singles £175.00 per landing.  



First 3 hours of parking is free 

Then £30 per hour


5 within 10 minutes walking distance

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Over  4700



from around

the world are on there!

Parkers Executive Chauffeurs

 Office 0333 666 1777

Cell -0786 652 9229

Customer Secure Free Car Parking

(75 spaces)

Helicopter Landing Fees Apply

All Single engined helicopters

£175.00 plus VAT

All Twin engined helicopters no matter the weight

£270.00 plus vat

Except Chinook ~Merlin ~ S92

£500 ea. Half price compared

to the airport -

Staff waiting time is charged at £25 per hr. First 3 hours parking is free

Military Touch & Go


Jet A1 Always available

Out of hours charges apply. i.e. Not between 0900/1700 Mon to Fri. Fee is

£270.00 Upto 10 pm

By negotiation thereafter.

Additional waiting time maybe charged for late arrivals after booking a slot. 

Normal Hours 9 to 5 Mon Fri

Any other time by arrangement.

 However, we prefer contact by WhatsApp on 07721611474




Although we pioneered helicopter pleasure flights back in 1977, we no longer conduct these short flights. We introduced City Tours and  "Newcastle City Pleasure Flights" way back in 1990, again we no longer offer this service. We are happy to recommend Northumbria Helicopters, who are based at Newcastle Airport. Their telephone number is  0191249 9240.

Last year we welcomed 1800 visiting helicopters to Newcastle City Heliport, this year we fully expect that number to grow.

We offer free" Touch and Go" training to the Royal Airforce, Army and Navy to show our appreciation to the men and women of the armed services.

We accept Barclay Card and Master Card Visa

Not American Express or Diners Card

Visiting Pilots

Please Read the Rules Page.

Special Note

Only Entry and Departure is via the southern side via the river!!! ON departure you may climb to 400 feet QNH to make contact with ATC